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Nicola Morris

Nicola Morris is the founder of Bags of Luxury. For over 20 years she has shaped the world of the Hermès reseller market and is renowned for her attention to detail and expert knowledge in this highly exclusive and competitive realm. Her extensive client network regards Nicola as a trusted source when it comes to investing in Hermès, not only because of her encyclopedic knowledge of the brand but also knowing she offers complete confidentiality alongside her specialist advice.

Nicola particularly enjoys the thrill of unearthing the most remarkable finds that have stood the test of time and remain in impeccable condition or are compelling, exclusive new designs.

‘Working to find the rarest, most beautiful and precious bag for a client is an absolute pleasure and thrill. I love that it isn’t fast fashion, that Hermès is the most formidable brand in the world, still handcrafted by dedicated artisans. These bags do not lose their value nor their appeal and can be handed down for lifetimes. Understanding that a client may be searching for a family heirloom or indeed selling one on means I respect each transaction as a hugely valuable investment.  From beginning to end this is a very individual experience for each client and my service is completely confidential, personal and utterly meticulous for every stage of the process’.

Ultimately Nicola has the most impeccable eye for detail and incorporates this in her work. With bags stored in temperature controlled security rooms and every piece personally checked each day she leaves nothing to chance. Hermès is her passion and Bags of Luxury is a stunning curation of some of the most exceptional wearable art works in the world. 


I always buy my bags and accessories from Nicola because the selection is the best. I can trust the condition is immaculate and almost as important the delivery and service in general is always second to none !

I have bought Hermès bags from Nicola for almost over 20 years ! The service is always perfection ! 

Bags of Luxury is always our go to for Hermès bags for our clients. Extremely reliable & the best in the business ! 

Nicola is always extremely responsive and offers a highly personalised service. I completely trust her expert opinion and consistently recommend her to my friends.

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