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I have a confession to make. I manipulated my husband into buying my ultimate emerald engagement ring by ways of subtle influence and relatively discreet product placement. By this I mean a screen saver that, once riddled with folders and jpegs in haphazard array, suddenly had only one image right in the centre of the screen. Now I admit emailing the said image to our jeweller friend may also have helped my quest but the aim was upheld – a ring I absolutely loved, a fiancé who felt he had had some guidance but who had essentially chosen the design himself and a very happy couple.


As the season creeps closer for all things bling and Christmassy I felt it only fair I offered this service to more of the men out there aiming to please their other halves this December. Because let’s face it when it goes wrong it can really leave a very bad taste, despite all the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ malarkey.

So a quick gift guide hit list for men this Christmas:

1. NEVER buy jewellery unless you are absolutely certain it either matches another piece or have been told to buy it by a significant sleuth. Jewellery is very personal. It is also very expensive. Many women only wear one metal or one style, they rarely deviate and it takes incredible insight to get a new piece right. So to be honest it best left well alone. Unless of course a screen saver is altered and then one should go right ahead and take the hint…

2. Replacing an article of clothing that is worn or lost is also at your own risk. Actually quite often the woman may be taking her old favourite’s demise as an opportunity to try a new style piece all together.

3. Make up is safe. In so much as it is nail polish or a lip gloss. It is not safe if it is anything more technical i.e. foundation, BB cream, CC cream, clarisonic power cleansers…have I lost you? I rest my case.

4. Most women love a new handbag. Now this is a given. In fact I would say this is probably your best bet. ‘You would say that!’ you say but seriously, I have NEVER met a woman who isn’t into handbags. NEVER. But be very, very careful.

When buying a handbag you want it to be luxury. No cheap copies please. So in other words you want an authentic luxury handbag. Hermes is of course the most luxurious, the most sought after and a truly savvy investment to boot.

There are other variables involved however. Here is my quick click through questions to finding the perfect bag for your partner this Christmas…

Kelly Black 35cm
Does your partner only wear black?


Constance Elan Orange Swift
Does your partner often go from office to bar – day to night?


Medor Sanguine Box
Does your partner only carry a phone and some lippy?


Hermes Birkin Blue Thalassa 40cm
Or does she have ipad, makeup bag, spare heels in her bag?


Hermes Birkin Fauve 35cm
Does your partner like to keep up with the seasonal trends?


Hermes Black Matt Nilo Croc 30cm
Does your partner only have one bag she uses?


Hermes Birkin Ghillie Rubis 35cm
Or does she have a whole myriad of bags in all manner of colours and styles?


Essentially if you are going to get it right this Christmas get it really, really right. Make it a bag. Make it a luxury Hermes bag and make it a bag that appreciates in value, that is timeless and that is crafted to absolute perfection. If not, there’s always Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish…that’s a safe bet too just perhaps not going to make quite the same impact. Over to you guys!

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