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Top 5 spring colours and destinations for 2016

As we move into March, the annual question arrives on every fashionista’s lips; what colours should I wear this spring, and where should I go? With spring on our doorstep, Bags of Luxury looks at where you, and your perfect accompaniment, should visit in spring 2016.

1. Sydney, Australia

sydney spring destinationHermes Fauve Birkin
Sydney is now the most fashionable city in Australia, having recently dethroned its long-running rival Melbourne. A hub of creativity, Sydney has a wide array of boutique shops and up-and-coming local brands, making it a perfect pit stop as part of your 2016 travels. With a potentially long trip, you’re best to travel in style with our spacious 35cm Hermes Fauve Birkin with Matt Alligator skin, priced at £44,000. With ‘Iced Coffee’ being one of Pantone’s top 10 colours of spring 2016, the beautiful brown shade of this Hermes Birkin bag blends perfectly in with this coffee obsessed city.

2. Toyko, Japan
toyko spring destinationHermes Kelly Rose Sakura
There is no better time to visit Toyko than in spring, during its beautiful cherry blossom season. Take part in a traditional ‘Hanami’ by enjoying a lunch under a blossoming sakura tree, enjoying the fusion of tradition and innovation that sees Tokyo as one of the fashion capital cities of the world. Furthermore, immerse yourself in your surroundings with our 25cm Hermes Kelly which comes in a beautiful, and rather apt, shade of Rose Sakura. Its soft pastel shade is one of the most in-demand colours this spring. With swift leather and gold hardware, it can be yours for £14,000.

3. Lisbon, Portugal
lisbon spring destination Hermes Constance Malachite Green
Dubbed as ‘The new Berlin’, Lisbon is rapidly carving out its own identity as a must visit luxury destination. With stunning vistas, beautiful architecture, and an array of boutique hotels, we recommend you visit Lisbon before the secret gets out. At the western side of Lisbon lies Mosanto Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe. So naturally this short trip is ideally coupled with our Green Hermes Constance with Epsom skin. Priced at £11,500 its beautiful green shade embodies the colour of spring and the birth of Lisbon as a luxury destination.

4. Miami, United States of America
miami spring destinationHermes Kelly Blue Saint
As one of the biggest Art Deco hotspots in the world, there is nothing quite like the calm colours of Miami to signal spring has arrived. With all year sun, Miami is home to the wealthy and the beautiful, and is quickly catching up with its bigger brother New York as the most fashionable city in the United States. Considering this, it would be unfair of you not to bring the extremely rare Hermes Kelly Saint in aqua blue and alligator skin and really turn heads. Its clean and clear tone is perfect for The Magic City and its exclusivity sees it priced at a cool £40,500.

5. Paris, France
paris spring destinationHermes Birkin Rouge Casaque
This list would not be complete without mentioning Paris. There is something quite stunning about Paris in spring, no wonder there have been films and songs dedicated to it. A perfect partner would be our Hermes Kelly Rouge Casaque, priced at £12,500. Its free-spirited shade resembles the character of Paris and comes with stunning gold hardware and Epsom skin. Once more, you can visit the birthplace of Hermes and walk through the array of beautiful gardens, taking in the essence of spring. There really is no better place in the world to visit in spring than Paris.

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