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Which Hermes handbag size is right for you?

As a company, Hermes has come a long way since starting as a specialist saddler and equestrian leather goods manufacturer. Nowadays Hermes is synonymous with high-end luxury fashion, so the brand has gone on an incredible journey in the past century or so, and this includes the types of bags they have created. Ranging from the weekend travel Birkin bag to the hands-free evening bag in the form of the Constance, they have been at the forefront of luxury fashion and design. Furthermore, Hermes are constantly creating new editions of classic bags, and thus as a customer, it may be confusing with the level of different sizes and dimensions of Hermes bags.

Firstly, for clarity purposes, it is important to now that the sizes of Hermes bags refer to their width, meaning that a 25cm Kelly is 25cm in width. This is an important distinction as the size of the bag will affect what you can wear with it, what you will use it for and when you will use it.

Overall, choosing your first Hermes handbag takes a lot of careful consideration. Whether you dream of a Birkin, have a penchant for Kellys or crave a Constance, you will have another important decision to consider; what size Hermes bag do you want? Read our guide below to find out whether you’re perfect for a 40cm Birkin, Constance Elan or maybe something you have never thought of purchasing.

Hermes Birkin
Coming in four sizes, the Hermes Birkin was originally designed as a weekend travel bag for style icon and namesake Jane Birkin. Therefore, they tend to be larger than other Hermes bags meaning they are well suited to carry items and valuables alike. Moreover, their double strap allows them to only be carried over the shoulder.  The original Birkin is sized at 40cm (40 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm) and is known as the ‘travel Birkin’ such as our Grizzly Blue Thalassa Birkin. This bag is made with comforting barenia and toile leather and is fantastic size to carry your essentials for a luxurious weekend away.

Hermes Birkin Blue Thalassa 40cm

The impressively sized 40cm Hermes Birkin Blue Thalassa

As years have passed the sizes of Birkins have been adapted and reduced. Thus Hermes also produce Birkins in 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm sizes respectively. The 25cm Birkin (25 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm), often called the ‘Mini Birkin’, was first launched in 2004 and is particularly rare making it a fantastic collector’s item, while the 35cm (35 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm) is one of the most popular Birkin sizes. We have a fantastic 35cm Hermes Birkin Fauve available for purchase. It has a wonderful neutral tone and is spacious enough to make is an ideal day-to-day bag. As Birkin sizes begin to get smaller, they also become fantastic as accompaniments to evening events, such as this exotic 30cm Birkin Himalaya which would draw many admirers. While larger bags tend not to suit evening dress, 30cm Birkins (30 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm) seem to set against this trend.

Hermes Birkin Himalaya 30cm

The sensational 30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya

Hermes Kelly
Before we go into detail about the sizes of the Hermes Kelly, we must raise a distinction between the two types of Kelly; Sellier and Retourne. The Kelly Sellier features external stitching and has a secure and rigid shape, which sees it adored for its angular shape and elegant look. Due to this, Kelly Selliers are more often than not made with firmer leather such as Epsom. Meanwhile the Kelly Retourne has a softer shape and this is more likely to be reflected in the material used to create the bag, such as swift – a naturally soft leather. In contrast to the Sellier, the Retourne has internal stitching so it appears as if the bag has been turned ‘inside out’, this type of stitching is also found on the Hermes Birkin. Overall, this type of Kelly is fantastic is you want a relaxed, day-to-day Hermes handbag.

In terms of size, there is a great variety found in Hermes Kellys. They can come in the following 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, 50cm sizes. While the 40cm (40cm x 28cm x 16cm) and 50cm are more ‘travel bags’ (50cm x 34cm x 25cm), the most popular types of Kelly bags are the 25cm (25cm x 19cm x 9cm), 28cm (28cm x 22cm x 10cm) and the 32cm (32cm x 23cm x 10.5cm). A reason for their popularity is that exude a fantastically chic look, making them ideal for evening socials and high-end events. Their rectangular shape is iconic and a real symbol of luxury. One such Kelly we have at Bags of Luxury is the 32cm Hermes Kelly Prunoir. Its deep and alluring purple tone is both sophisticated and stylish.

Hermes Kelly Prunoir 32cm

The authoritative and individual 32cm Hermes Kelly Prunoir

If you are after a slightly smaller size, we have available a rare vintage 28cm Kelly Rouge Vif. Its Parisian rouge red will definitely help you complete the Hermes look. Finally, this fantastic 25cm Turquoise Hermes Kelly is a cute size and its bright shade will add energy and vibrancy to any evening or cocktail dress.

Hermes Kelly Turquoise 25cm

The energising 25cm Hermes Kelly

Hermes Constance
If you desire a ‘hands-free’ option, the Hermes Constance with its shoulder strap may be the right bag for you. Somewhat smaller than the Birkin or Kelly, the Constance is the perfect evening bag to carry all your essentials whilst still giving you a luxe edge to your look.  The Constance bag comes in the following five sizes: micro, mini, 23cm, 24cm and the ‘elan’ which is slightly longer and wider. An example of this bag would be our incredible Orange Hermes Constance Elan. It is slightly broader than regular Constance bags (25cm x 14cm x 8cm) but still achieves the chic look effortlessly with palladium hardware and in Hermes’ signature orange.

Hermes Constance Elan Orange

The Hermes Constance Elan in signature orange

However, if you would prefer a slightly squarer evening bag, the Constance Mini is the perfect shape for you. The second smallest type of Constance, the Mini (18cm x 15cm x 4cm) is compact, cute and perfect for casual wear as conveyed by our Hermes Constance Blue Atol Mini.

Hermes Constance Blue Atol Mini

The beautiful Hermes Constance Mini Blue Atol

Alternatively, if you desire a larger Constance handbag this 24cm Hermes Constance (24cm x 15cm x 5cm) would be a fantastic investment. Its soft green hue makes it a perfect staple bag for every fashionista, especially when complemented with luxurious palladium hardware to give it a chic edge.

If you have decided on your perfect size check out Bags of Luxury lavish range of Birkin, Kelly and Constance handbags. Alternatively, request a stock list since we have an extensive list of bags which are not listed on the website and we receive new bags daily. Alternatively, sign up to our mailing list to keep informed about all the latest bags and pieces. If you want to know more about the different type of unique leathers Hermes handbags available at Bags of Luxury, please read our exotic skins and leather guide.