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Which Hermes colour is right for you?

Owning your own Hermes bag is something we all aspire to achieve. Purchasing a Hermes is an investment into luxury, therefore you should take careful consideration when deciding, and ensure the bag is exactly right for you. The production of Hermes bags is internationally renowned for being expertly handcrafted with patience and precision, and you should make sure that the colour you choose is fitting. We believe that colours have a deep meaning, so find below our Hermes colour guide and discover what Hermes bag may be perfect for you.

The colour red is intense and full of emotion, naturally stimulating your metabolism and raising your heart rate. Therefore, it is perfect colour choice if you want to grab the attention of everyone in the room. An ideal accompaniment for all out-going and defiant personalities, red is an attractive colour, seductive and powerful. If this sounds right for you, we recommend our 30cm Hermes Birkin Rubis. French for ‘ruby’, this Birkin bag’s sultry, soft Rubis tone is wonderfully feminine and is complemented by clean palladium hardware.

red hermes Birkin Rubis

The colour orange is a wonderful combination of the attraction of red with the happiness provided by the colour yellow. The tone is energising, ambitious, and playful, making it perfect for social occasions. In addition, the colour orange is known to boost creativity and reflect optimism. This shade is perfect for feeling youthful and radiating positivity. Thus, it is no surprise that orange is one of Hermes’ signature colours. We believe that this depiction perfectly summarises our 35cm Hermes Birkin Feu. Its bright shade is bursting with opportunities and potential. This orange Hermes Birkin bag’s spirited nature is wonderfully combined by classic gold hardware, fusing luxury with vivacity.

orange hermes birkin feu

Blue is often regarded as the most popular colour worldwide. The colour of the sea and the sky, this shade is natural, peaceful and relaxing. Interestingly, the colour blue has been found to boost productivity. Thus, wearing blue is a perfect way to keep calm and collected and effortlessly deal with the hectic schedule in your life. To help you with any busy day, our spacious 40cm Hermes Birkin can be your ideal accompaniment. Its combinatory leather and colour will soothingly relax you but also kickstart your day.

hermes birkin grizzly bluePurple
The colour purple combines the energy found in red with the tranquillity associated with blue. As a particularly rare colour, purple has often been associated with royalty and loyalty alike. Its luxurious and wealthy shade makes it a perfect choice for any Hermes lover. This tone conveys sophistication but also has spiritual connotations. This complex and fascinating colour is the reason we this 25cm Hermes Kelly Amethyste bag is so special. With amethyst being a violet variety of quartz, it has held a special place in many civilisations from the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and even Anglo Saxons, who wore to keep cool-headed in battle. Its tone has been said to have many healing properties, with a meditative and cleansing hue. It is no wonder a shade of this stature has been incorporated into a Hermes Kelly bag colour.

hermes kelly amethyste

Black is one of our most popular colours here at Bags of Luxury. Wearing black is well known to boost confidence in appearance, making you feel powerful and authoritative. Perhaps this colour’s greatest strength is that it combines elegance with formality, so the popularity of wearing black to prestigious events can never be understated. Its secretive nature also adds to the attraction of wearing black. If this resonates with your wishes, our 25cm Hermes Birkin Black is a timeless companion to any evening event. Handcrafted with durable Togo leather, its sophisticated design is reinforced with its luxurious gold hardware. This black Hermes Birkin bag is wonderfully versatile but makes a bold statement wherever you are seen with it.

hermes birkin black bag

Whether you want to feel bright and energetic, magnetically powerful or exude elegant chic, Hermes has a huge range of beautiful colours to represent every individual. If you’ve found your perfect Hermes colour, browse our wonderful selection of Hermes Birkin, Kelly, and Constance bags. If you’re still not sure, please use our Hermes Colour Chart to find your perfect shade.

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