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Hermes Accessory Guide: Bracelets

As we all know, Hermes is internationally admired as purveyors of luxury bags. However, have you ever thought about adding one of their luxury lifestyle accessories to your collection? As well as their famous bags, Hermes specialises in a number of bracelet styles that convey extravagance in an instant. Get inspired by reading our guide below and in no time you’ll be awaiting your delivery of a Hermes bracelet in its signature orange box.

Hermes Bracelet Guide

The feeling when you receive that little orange box.

Every fashionista needs an array of bracelets to complete the look she desires. Some can be discreet and alluring while others are bold, striking and daring. The use of bracelets conveys personality and is a clear statement about the wearer. Popularised by Ancient Egyptians, who decorated their wrists with precious stones joined by gold, wearing bracelets was an indicator of class and they often stayed with the wearer in their journey into the afterlife. Nearly every historical civilisation or culture ranging from ancient Greece to Chinese dynasties have worn bracelets, bangles or trinkets as a keeper of spiritual harmony and indicator of identity. Therefore, if you want to appeal to the luxury lifestyle that Hermes represents, there is no better way to align yourself than with one of their luxurious bracelets.

Hermes CDC Bracelet

The undeniable style of a Hermes CDC bracelet

The most iconic bracelet that Hermes produces is the Collier de Chien (often abbreviated to CDC). Instantly recognisable by its pyramid shaped studs made with luxurious metals, the Collier de Chien also has an adjustable strap and is one of the most in demand bracelets in the world. French for ‘dog’s collar’, the CDC is often seen on the wrists of A-list celebrities and the enviable piece has a wonderful history. The concept for this bracelet started with a client request for Hermes to provide a luxurious collar for their bulldog. So popular was this design, in 1927 Hermes began creating Hermes belts reciprocating the dog collar design that Parisians just loved. Later on in the 1940’s, Hermes created its first bracelet using this same design and the Collier de Chien has been incredibly sought after ever since. Coming in a variety of leathers and colours, the CDC is an audacious accessory that exudes confidence and power. Owning a Collier de Chien will ensure that you are carrying a piece of fashion history on your arm.

Hermes CDC Amethyste

The incredible Hermes CDC Amethyste

While the CDC is Hermes’ most popular bracelet, you also have a plethora of options to choose from when deciding your dream Hermes bracelet. A popular choice for many is the ‘H Bracelet’, much more delicate than the CDC, but with a Hermes ‘H’ evident for all to see. Its design is similar to the popular ‘H’ belts and is a great choice for any that wishes to bestow themselves to the iconic Hermes brand.

Away from the two aforementioned bracelets, Hermes has extended its accessory range and has created a decadent array of bracelets using the most precious metals. Available in both gold and silver, they are often accompanied decadently with diamonds, making them incredibly valuable and exclusive – available to only a lucky select few. Other materials used for bracelets includes the intriguing enamel, horn, or lacquer which gives the wearer a unique accessory to stand out.

One of the most popular incorporations into the Hermes bracelet would be the use of Hermes’ signature leathers. For example, this wonderful Collier de Chien Geranium has been crafted using the extraordinary matt alligator leather. Its distinct pattern adds a layer of luxury and is matched perfectly with a powerful and emotive geranium red. To complete the look, this bracelet is adorned with lavish gold hardware which, when combined with the bracelet’s opulent scarlet hue, sets it apart from any other bracelet.

Hermes CDC Geranium

The fiery Hermes CDC Geranium

Another leather that has been carefully selected to craft Hermes bracelets from is swift. This leather powerfully absorbs dye, making colours burst into life, radiating personality. Nothing says Hermes quite like this Collier de Chien Orange with swift leather. Featuring Hermes’ signature orange it will invigorate your look whilst grabbing the attention of passers-by. Furthermore, its gold hardware emphasises the energy found in the orange hue, adding refinement and luxury.

Hermes CDC Orange

The energetic Hermes CDC Orange

An interesting bracelet we have here at Bags of Luxury is the Collier de Chien Prune. Made with wonderful suede leather, its velvety finish is so soft to touch. It is an extremely precious bracelet and can be worn to your most high profile events, especially as it is finished with palladium hardware that glistens under the spotlight.

Hermes CDC Prune

The elegant Hermes CDC Prune

Bags of Luxury has a range of incredible Hermes bracelets available for purchase. Not all bracelets we possess are on the site, so please do request a stocklist or enquire about a personal shopper service.