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How We Ensure Your Hermes Delivery Is Safe

Buying your very own Hermes handbag is, for many, a lifetime dream fulfilled. It is an ultimate investment into luxury and is something you indulge in having taken quality consideration into your purchase. Moreover, as each bag has been precisely handcrafted in Paris by expert artisans, we want to ensure that your Hermes delivery arrives safely, securely and in immaculate condition.

Hermes Delivery Box

The excitement of receiving your Hermes delivery

While it is possible to pick up your Hermes handbag from our London showroom in Regent’s Park, we are fortunate enough to have worldwide audience, so we take special measures when delivering your Hermes bag. We wrap each bag extremely carefully to ensure that the Hermes box and its contents inside stays perfectly intact and arrives in mint condition.

We have over 15 years’ experience in delivering Hermes bags and we have built up a network of trusted and vetted couriers that help transport your purchase for a prompt and pristine arrival. We personally recommend MapCargo. Specialising in delivering luxury goods, they are available 24 hours a day to speak to clients and provide accurate tracking information – vital when you have made such a significant investment. All deliveries require a signature to ensure a safe arrival, plus we can also arrange insurance to cover delivery at an additional cost.

Alternatively, private courier services are also available to deliver your Hermes bag, with the cost of this method calculated on an individual premise.

Hermes Kelly Handbag and Hermes Constance

We always take extra measures to ensure your Hermes bag arrives in pristine condition

Furthermore, as every Hermes bag in unique, so is your delivery! This means that some bags’ delivery costs will be higher, but we are 100% honest and upfront about the cost of shipping to different international locations. Any customs, import duties or tax charges will be accrued by the purchaser for the delivery process and not Bags of Luxury. This additional costs will vary with each location but we always provide you with the delivery costs at the earliest stage possible. We do this so there are no hidden charges down the line and you can rest assured your new investment will arrive in the signature orange Hermes box in a swift, safe and protected manner.

In addition, if you purchased an exotic skin bag (alligator, crocodile, or lizard) from outside the European Union, we will apply for a CITES export licence in order to deliver the bag. CITES stands for Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and its 100% necessary as it is possible for the bag to be confiscated without this licence. Thus, we take special care to ensure your bag arrives safely and legally. In order to obtain this licence, you will need to allow 10 working days for it to be processed and registered.

With regards to when you will receive your Hermes delivery, Bags of Luxury will only dispatch the piece once all funds have cleared.

Purple Hermes Kelly Handbags

We ensure all procedures are met before delivering your Hermes bag

Bags of Luxury will always work to creating a bespoke delivery process for your latest purchase and look forward to helping you soon! If you’ve found a bag you love, why not get in touch or browse our beautiful selection of Hermes Birkin, Kelly or Constance bags.