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Manchester-on-Sea breeze

Now I do love Manchester and all but I’ve got to say Manchester-on Sea, USA is a whole other ball game, this place is pure paradise! I’m here delivering a zesty orange croc Kelly to a new client and well, let’s hope I get back very soon.


Hermes Kelly orange 32cm bag niloticus croc with palladium


About 45mins from Boston this is the land of Salem and pilgrims and all things New England. The houses are enormous and so very darn pretty and the sea is crystal clear. My client has an incredible home, once the sister of JP Morgan’s abode, where I am welcomed to stay in true Massachusetts style. Right on the sea and with its own private beach I can’t imagine a more relaxing and beautiful place to be.


Mancehster-on-Sea, USA


My client is understated. Chic. Not interested in trends, just classic style. An all American beauty. She wears capri pants with classic brogues and accessorises with gold and diamond jewels, and well, she exudes that Jackie Kennedy aura all over. She owns a number or luxury handbags but only one Hermes. The classic Birkin in a shade of fawn. She felt it was time she had another. One for summer she said. A Kelly. And how she wears it well!


Hermes Birkin Fauve 35cm matt alligator with palladium


I’m treated to a family dinner on the enormous porch, watching the sun going down over the harbour. Heaven.

We wake early and head over to Singing Beach. One of the most perfect little spots and even better for house envy. Huge American homes look over the beach, acres of perfect lawns and pretty white hammocks. I feel like I must be on a film set.


Singing Beach, USA


Lunch is the best sushi I have ever had. We are in Beverly, just a mile or so from Manchester-on-the-Sea and just as perfect. The Hale St restaurant serves absolutely everything. From beers to watch the ball game and huge burgers with fries. We indulged in the seafood though. Local oysters and sushi made by the coolest Japanese sushi chef and his Yankee hipster mate. A real find and one only the locals might be privy to I suspect.


Hale St Restaurant Oysters


Sadly it’s time to leave this little oasis and head back into Boston and onto my next stop – Chicago! Back to the big smoke and farewell to my slice of New England heaven.


Photo Credits:
Necee Regis
Deal Checker


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