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Buying a Hermes Bag as a Financial Investment

It transpires that buying a Hermes bag is a truly savvy investment. You can reiterate this to your partner or anyone else who may suggest to you that leather luxury is just that, a luxury. Hermes bags appreciate in value as soon as they leave the store. A rare Hermes bag in immaculate condition can fetch tens of thousands of pounds. Recently a red crocodile skin Birkin, with white gold and diamond hardware, set a world record for fetching the highest price for a handbag at an auction – £120,000!

Hermes bag as a financial investment

Hermes Birkin bags are timeless and chic. They are crafted to last. As a consequence of their beauty and their appeal to collectors you can be assured that if you buy smart here you can really make a nice profit should you ever wish to sell on.

The trick to making a larger profit than the standard increase in value for a Hermes bag, is to buy from the limited edition collections. To research which bags are no longer created and which ones are most in demand. Bags of Luxury offers a personalised service for those looking to purchase a bag as an investment. We consider each client’s preferences individually and can source a bag that suits not only their aesthetic requirements but also take into account the rarity, current market value and the projected appreciation. This is a real godsend to those who are new to this alternative investment and also removes the chance of buying a fake or a style that might not make the return you are looking for.

In short, when it comes to the ‘investment bag’ Hermes really does have this market tied up. It has maintained the allure of their product very cleverly. It hasn’t flooded the market. Each collection is hugely anticipated and waiting lists can be years in advance of a new style’s release. It does colour, style, status and craftsmanship like no other.

Hermes showed a 13% rise in revenue in 2013. So a true share in the company would also find good return. However it’s not quite the same as having your own beautiful Hermes bag as an investment. You can feel, smell and marvel at this investment every day. Something most stockbrokers can’t offer!

A Birkin, a Kelly, a Constance – each one has an air of refinement that says the owner knows her luxe. She is glamorous but also, most importantly, she is intelligent. She has purchased the bag of her dreams, the bag that sets her apart from the crowd that also never loses its value and only ever increases in worth. Especially to her.