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Venice Beach Cool

Venice Beach is something of an anomaly. Whilst visions of Venice conquer up grandiose masquerades and stunning piazzas… Venice LA is something quite different.

A mixed up array of pale blue cottages and lunar inspired modern homes, this area is my favourite in the vast city that is Los Angeles. There are funky cafes and chic shops tucked in between streets and streets of palm-lined house watching fun. Every house is unique and I could spend hours wandering up and down getting inspiration for my Victorian London abode. Though I’m not sure how well a glass wall to wall frontage with cacti would translate back home!

venice beach


I’m here to deliver a stunning little Hermes Constance in graphite and blue to one of the coolest clients I have. A contemporary art dealer, this woman is laid-back style personified. And she lives in Venice.

Hermes Bag Constance Graphite And Blue Swift C8 Front


I’m staying in her cottage on Milwood Ave, two mins from literally THE best cafe ever: GJelina on Abbott Kinney. Each morning the place is rammed with the cool kids getting their nut latte and avocado radish on toast. They ask your name and in two days they say without falter “Good morning BOL How are you today?” People sit in the lane on crates and natter about films and diets and all things LA. I certainly feel amongst it here.

venice beach


My client has a unique style. She wears Toms from the flagship shop on Abbot Kinney teamed with Hermes. Not something just anyone can get away with, that’s for sure. For her though it’s effortless. She has over ten Hermes bags and each one really is a collector’s item. She favours limited editions and unique colours. She’s also developed a fetish for the Constance style and will generally rock out in her low-slung jeans, a white T and her Hermes Constance in Geranium.

Hermes Bag Constance Elan Geranium Shiny Niloticus Croc C16 Front


Without changing for dinner, there’s no need in Venice, we head to the best Mexican I’ve had in years. Cerveteca on Rose Ave is hip, fun and downright delicious. If you get there before 7 there is happy hour too… we ordered some tacos and a ceviche washed down with ice cold Mexican beers and a Margarita or two before time was up!



LA is cool. Venice is super cool. I think this is now my home away from home. I just need to find a pad on the canal and a job at Warner’s. Until then… we’re staying in the great USA but off to Phoenix for this Hermes lover! Peace.

Photo credits: HG2 Los Angeles, Haute Compass, Cerveteca

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