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Ultimate Hermes Handbag Checklist

Sometimes your heart just skips a beat when you lay eyes on a truly special accessory or outfit you know you just have to have. The love affair with your Hermes will go on for many moons… And perhaps surpass other love affairs along the way! Aside from this heady mix of endorphins, one must always assess the checklist below before finally taking this new addition home.

Always check the authenticity before buying your first Hermes handbag:

• The shape of the bag and the quality of the leather or skin
• The bag can stand up on its own four feet
• Perfectly spaced tight slanted stitching (always going in the same direction)
• Embossed markings on one of the closure straps showing the year of manufacture
• Gilt markings located on the front face under the flap
• Your bag should also be supplied with a clotchette lock and two keys
• The clochette is made from one piece of leather
• Each new bag comes with packaging & accessories (see list below)
• Finally check the Hermès accent on the embossing, gilt and lock

Use our Hermès Authenticity Guide for a more comprehensive (and illustrated) guide of the key things to look out for.

Any new Hermès bag should be in pristine condition. Imperfect bags do not leave the manufacturer so any defects will be a clear indication of a fake bag.

Consider the colour well. The most practical choices are the neutral shades – and if they are in a limited edition shade then all the better. If you are keen for a bright vivid colour – then the reds, blues and the ‘H’ Hermes orange are also great first choices. Use our Hermès Colour Chart to view the range of colours available.

hermes skins epsom togo

Choose a durable leather. Togo – on the right – is the most popular leather, a cow hide with a natural grain. Epsom leather – on the left – is also very sought after as it maintains the shape of the bag very well and is more water resistant than some of the other leathers. Epsom has a man-made grain. Ostrich and lizard are extremely hard to find these days as Hermes rarely make bags in these skins.

Your new Hermes handbag will come in its Hermes orange box with ribbon. Each new bag will also come with the following:

• Hermes herringbone cloth bag
• Clear stickers on all hardware
• Clochette and two keys
• Strap for Kelly bags
• Hermes care card for leather / exotic skin
• Hermes raincoat (to protect the bag if it rains, snows…)


If you can’t find the bag you are looking for on our site or you need advice on what bag to buy as your Hermes heirloom please use our sourcing service. Our experts can call on a network of collectors and clients throughout the world, each offering an exceptional selection of authentic Hermes bags and accessories for you to choose from.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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