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Hermes Exotic Skins Guide

As purveyors of ultimate luxury, what makes Hermes handbags so illustrious is the exclusive range of exotic skins and leathers they use for their pieces. Sourced specially from widespread locations such as Zimbabwe and Australia, Hermes only use the finest material to create the world’s most bespoke and luxurious bags. Here at Bags of Luxury, there are an array of Hermes bags and accessories made from exotic skin available for purchase. So read our guide to find out which is the perfect skin for you.

One of Hermes’ most in-demand exotic skins is crocodile. This skin is vibrant and eye-catching and their large scales are instantly recognisable too, making them an object of great desire. This type of skin is particularly durable yet, despite its origin, it must be kept away from water. Hermes crocodile handbags come in two styles: porosus and niloticus. They correlate to the location where they were sourced and can be easily identified by a signature marking next to the embossed Hermes logo. Porosus is indicated by a ‘^’ mark while niloticus has the umlaut marker of ‘••’. Furthermore, crocodile products can be identified by small dimples on the surface which are sensory pores to help the crocodile navigate in water. In terms of difference, niloticus has larger scales while porosus skin has fine and symmetrical scale patterns, and is a truly premium material. Each Hermes product of this skin comes in either shiny or matt. The shiny skin croc bags are particularly glossy and is an effect achieved by extensively buffing the skin.

Hermes Birkin Himalaya 30cm Crocodile Hermes Birkin Rose Sheherazade Croc

Bags of Luxury has a wonderful range of crocodile bag available to buy. One of our most exclusive Hermes bags at the moment is the 30cm Himalaya Birkin. A real collector’s item, it has been crafted using matt niloticus crocodile skin and its pale hue is seamlessly matched by opulent palladium hardware.

Hermes Kelly Amethyste Croc

Alternatively, if you are looking for a brighter colour, this dazzling Birkin Rose Sheherazade is a sound investment into luxury. Made with premium porosus skin, its fine scale patterns and shiny finish will certainly grab the attention of passers-by with its vibrant pink tone, making it a truly unique piece. And at 35cm, it is perfect for travelling in style too. Meanwhile, if you’ve decided you must have a Hermes crocodile handbag and also want a inimitable shade to match, this extraordinary Kelly Amethyste is just for you. This deep purple shade is calming and wondrous and looks incredible with its shiny finish. Additionally, the colour comes alive with its large niloticus scales that maximise every inch of its wondrous tone.

Another luxury skin that Hermes uses is alligator. Not to be confused with crocodile, alligator tends to be sourced from Florida in the United States and its scales tend to be more patterned than crocodile. Other aspects of indication include a square symbol near the embossed Hermes logo and a prominent umbilical scar to portray authenticity. Alligator pieces also come in both matt and shiny (lisse) varieties. A magnificent example of an alligator Hermes product is this Blue Saint Kelly Cut. Crafted with matt alligator skin, it has incredible large scales that exude luxe. The richness of the material is therefore perfect for the striking blue tone of this clutch, emphasizing its effervescent colour. Matched with cool and opulent palladium hardware, it is a true symbol of decadence yet at 31cm it is functional to keep all your essentials at any high profile event.

The use of exotic skins in Hermes products are not just limited to their bags. Bags of Luxury also have a superb range of accessories that have been carefully crafted with the finest skins on the planet. One such example is this equally as eye-catching geranium Collier de Chien bracelet. Once again made with matt alligator, it is a wonderful accessory to any outfit with an absorbing geranium red leather matched with gleaming gold hardware. You will feel empowered wearing this on your wrist.

Hermes Kelly Cut Blue Saint AlligatorHermes Collier de Chien Geranium Bracelet
While crocodile and alligator are the most popular forms of exotic skin used by Hermes, they also use a select number of different skins as well, such as lizard. With Hermes seldom using this skin for new products, this is certainly a rare skin and thus it is fantastic to invest in one. This skin is identifiable by a ‘-’ sign next to the Hermes logo, while it also has small scales that provides a noticeably glossy finish. As one of Hermes’ most delicate skins, it requires a lot of special attention to avoid drying and peeling, thus it must be kept at a comfortable temperature. Due to the size of the African monitor lizards that Hermes use for the pieces, lizard skin is generally used for smaller handbags and accessories.

Hermes Lizard Rio Pochette VertHermes Kelly Mini Lizard
Bags of Luxury have two lovely vintage lizard clutches available for purchase. Both with fine, small scales, they make fantastic evening bags for any high profile event. The colour of this emerald green Rio Vert Pochette defines luxury and wealth and features a exceptional wooden and gold clasp, making it a rare collectible for any Hermes lover. For a slightly more feminine look, this wonderful fuchsia Kelly Cut Mini is a terrific bag for those wanting to combine youthful exuberance with classic luxe.

The other main speciality exotic skin that Hermes use is Ostrich. Its skin is recognisable by its multiple pores giving a charming ‘polka dot’ look that exudes femininity, and is a firm favourite amongst luxury crowds. Thus, if you have decided that the very unique ostrich is the skin for you, we recommend this wonderful vintage Kelly Rouge which will set hearts racing with its deep rouge colour. A truly Parisian shade, its tone is brooding, passionate and emotive and is complemented by indulgent gold hardware. This bag was made in 1990, which makes it an incredibly rare bag and therefore a fantastic investment for any Hermes lover.

Hermes Kelly Ostrich Rouge

If you’ve decided that an exotic skin Hermes product is your next treat, we have several more in available for purchase. We recommend that you sign up to our stock list to get all the latest Hermes pieces coming in a range of exotic skins. Remember to always keep your CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) certificate too as it could result in your bag getting confiscated should you ever travel overseas without the correct documentation.

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