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Hermes Accessory Guide: Belts

As well as being internationally admired for producing incredible handbags, the expert artisans at Hermes workshops also hand craft enviable accessories that add glamour to any formal, fashion or fun styles. Hermes belts are one of the most desired and cherished accessories in the world and feature on the wanted list of every luxury fashionista. What makes a Hermes belt an incredible investment is the quality of leather used in production. Firstly, it makes the belt look fantastic but it also means that it’s durable, thus the piece will also have a high resale value and never let you down.  Adding to this, each belt is made with opulent hardware crafted from precious metals, making a Hermes belt an essential component of any style icon’s repertoire.

Hermes BeltWhile Hermes belts are a superb investment, it should not detract from another importantly detail: they look great.  Multi-functional, they can help segment outlandish styles while also adding a fresh layer to plainer outfits. Many belts are reversible, so you can enjoy fine leather materials in two elegant shades. Hermes produces a wide variety of belts that can suit every occasion, for example a thin belt gives a layer of sophistication to formal dresses at evening events. In terms of buying your dream Hermes belt, it is also worth noting the Hermes belts are sized in centimetres and the standard measurement is from the buckle to the 2nd notch of the belt.

Of all the different varieties of belts that Hermes produce, perhaps the most iconic is the Hermes Constance Belt. Often known as the ‘Hermes H Belt’ its features the signature Hermes ‘H’ clasp that is also a staple feature of Constance bags. Instantly recognisable as a symbol of luxury and wealth, it is a true fashion statement that makes it one of Hermes’ most popular accessories and an investment that never goes out of style. Furthermore, H Belts are unisex and the ‘H’ belt buckle can come in varied styles. A larger ‘H’ is perfect for bold statements while slimmer forms ideally compliment chic and discrete looks.

One such piece that Bags of Luxury has in stock is this extravagant Green Malachite Hermes Constance Belt.

Hermes Constance H Belt Green

Its emerald shade is striking and accentuated by the large scales and glossy nature of its exclusive matt porosus croc skin. The decadence of this piece is heightened by its chic gold hardware that matches perfectly with the malachite green skin. The combination of exotic croc skin and refined gold hardware makes this belt an incredible fashion piece that will certainly turn heads. The iconic ‘H’ belt buckle illuminates proudly and is a true indicator of style, wealth and personality. A vibrant accompaniment to any outfit, it is perfect for extravagant outfits or adding a sensational splash to more day-to-day wear.

Another famed accessory of Hermes is the Collier de Chien belt. The ‘CDC’ was first created in 1927 and the popularity of the ‘dog collar’ belt later inspired the design of the Collier de Chien Bracelet. In typical ‘bulldog’ style, this belt features striking pyramid studs that are made from precious metals such as palladium or gold. This type of belt’s popularity is matched by its elusiveness. Fortunately, here at Bags of Luxury, we have an extraordinary Hermes Collier de Chien belt available for purchase.

Red Hermes Collier de Chien Belt
This wonderful red belt has been crafted with lightweight Epsom leather, a material that is unique to Hermes. As an embossed leather, its grain has been pressed into the leather itself, giving it a slightly laminated appearance. Resultantly, Epsom products are notably lightweight and very durable, which makes them great as a long-term investment. In combination with its sharp red hue, this belt has been decadently adorned with opulent palladium hardware. The use of this precious metal, provides the belt with a clean and luxurious look, perfect for drawing attention from admirers of your style. Combining this with the lavish Parisian red colour of the leather, this accessory certainly adds personality to your outfit, making it perfect for social occasions where you want to make a statement.

If you are enamoured by our Hermes belts, you can fill out a simple enquiry form and purchase your dream accessory. At Bags of Luxury, not all of our pieces are listed online, so we recommend that you request our stock list and sign up to our newsletter to get the latest Hermes handbags and accessories – such as belts – straight to your email.

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