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CITES certificate for Hermes exotic skin bags

Planning a trip abroad with your exotic skin bag? Make sure you have a valid CITES certificate.

CITES – stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora. Essentially any protected species covered by CITES are classified into three groups according to the level of threat they face. There are varying restrictions depending on the leather, skin or other product, throughout the world, especially when it comes to export and import.

For us though, we’re just focused on our very special, beautiful new purchase. The exotic skin Hermes bag we now treasure.



When you buy an exotic skin bag from Hermes it is extremely important to ask for the CITES certificate even if you reside in the country where you are purchasing the bag. When travelling one runs the risk of being stopped at any customs and requested to produce a CITES certificate for the bag in order to prove it is not made from an endangered species. If you fail to do so the bag could be confiscated. A fate none of us wish ever to entertain. 




It is also essential to apply for an Export CITES certificate if you are exporting the bag from within the EU to outside the EU or between other countries outside the EU. In the UK applications for CITES are also done with DEFRA.

Many people get confused over this issue and think the CITES certificate given from Hermes is sufficient when exporting an exotic skin bag. However the correct CITES must have both the sender and receivers information on it otherwise the bag will be confiscated.

You must have a CITES for Hermes bags / items made from Lizard, Alligator or Crocodile exotic skins:


Hermes exotic skins and exotic leathers


Hermes use ostrich “Strutho Camelus” (see sample below) which is farmed in South Africa so you do not need a CITES certificate for this skin.


hermes Kelly Rouge Red Ostrich


The best way to ensure you’ve covered all bases is ask about the bags’ CITES certificate when you’re purchasing it and especially what skin the bag is made from.

Your Hermes bag is truly special and unique and it would be devastating to have this taken from you on a little jaunt across the pond…

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