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Buying your first Hermes Bag

Your first Hermès bag is something to consider well. This purchase allows you to automatically reside within an elite group of wise and elegant luxury lovers across the globe. Each of us are unique, every bag special in its own right, but one thing inextricably binds us together – we have an innate passion for truly beautifully crafted wares, especially if they come from Paris!


Hermès was founded in 1837 and has an aura of tradition and history to its name (whilst managing to be subtly on trend too). A classic Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag is quite often the first purchase when one joins this world. In chic black or soft caramel, a Birkin or Kelly can function as the most perfect day to night bag exuding style and class. 

If you invest in a popular limited edition bag, years later the value of this handbag will soar. The 2011 the ‘So Black’ collection was one of the most popular ?limited edition Hermes collections ever made. As these bags will never be crafted again the value of each one has increased exponentially in only 3 years.

Hermes Bags Paint Montage


My first Hermès was a beautiful 35cm Togo Black Birkin. I kept it in its Hermès packaging whenever it wasn’t worn (rare), making sure it remained in pristine condition. I remember thinking I want this beauty to last, I want to be able to hand this down to my daughter one day. That’s the thing here. When you come to own such a brilliantly crafted and stunning looking bag you own a little piece of art which feels special enough to become an heirloom one day. If you can ever bear to let go!

If you need any advice on buying your first Hermes Birkin, Kelly or Constance bag please contact Bags of Luxury via our enquiry form.


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