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All of our Hermès Birkin and Hermes Kelly bags are 100% authentic.

We have put together a comprehensive Hermès bag authenticity guide – complete with close up images to highlight precisely what you should be looking for.


Hermès only use the finest of leathers and exotic skins, however a leather hang tag will not be attached (unlike on most leather products). You can often tell by the smell of the material. The shape of the bag is also something to consider as an authentic bag will be perfectly proportional and symmetrical when stood on its feet. Unless clearly intended to have an unsmooth texture – like that of a Hermès bag crafted in crocodile skin – the bag should be soft and even; without any bulges.

Hermes Bag Authenticity Leather Or Exotic Skin


(The lock, keys, buckle & feet studs) These are either gold plated or made from palladium, not silver as this would tarnish.

Hermes Bag Authenticity Hardware


Hermès bags are hand stitched to the highest of quality using a slanted design and almost always in the same colour as the leather. The stitches will be perfectly spaced, yet tight and always going in the same direction. Imperfect bags do not leave the manufacturer so any defects will be a clear indication of a fake bag, however if the stitching is ‘too perfect’ this could indicate that it has been done by machine.

Hermes Bag Authenticity Stitching


The letter year of manufacturing will be stamped in a square underside of the right belt along with the artisan’s ID. From 2011 however, Hermès have often put these markings on both belts.

Hermes Bag Authenticity Embossed Markings


‘Hermès Paris, Made in France’ will be located on the front face under the flap. Look closely at the spelling and the accent of the è to ensure authenticity. The markings to differentiate the exotic skins will also be shown here.

Hermes Bag Authenticity Gilt


Each bag will have a solid and sturdy lock with its own key. The lock will have the Hermès name engraved onto the bottom as well as a number that should match that also engraved on the key. Again make sure to check the accent on the ‘è’ in order to determine authenticity. Fakes tend to miss this.

Hermes Bag Authenticity Lock And Key


The feet are there to support the whole bag so check that you can stand the bag upright without it collapsing to either side. They will be positioned evenly apart and will not have any indication of wearing

Hermes Bag Authenticity Feet


The interior leather zipper tag will be parallel to the zipper hardware, not perpendicular.


Originally dust bags were produced in an orange flannel material, those from 2007 onwards however will be in a beige and light brown Herringbone toile.


Hermes bags never come with paper tags or plastic card certificates. Only exotic skins can come with a CITES paper certificate.